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코라이냥10/8/21 8:23 PM2 min read

Korhina customer interview

Today, we met with our customer and conducted a brief interview about Korhina. Let's find out what you think of Korhina.

1. Hello! Please give a brief introduction of yourself as Korhina customer.

Hello, I am currently 56 years old and have been living since I was born in Suwon. This is XXX who is currently working for the Youth League.

2. How did you find out about Korhina products?

Before, I didn't even know there was a rhinitis treatment device like Korhina. The product was introduced through her son. My son works for an investment company. He was looking for good things for investment purposes, and he found a product called 'Korhina' and sent it to me as a gift with severe rhinitis.

3. Do you have severe rhinitis?

Yes, I am suffering a lot from rhinitis during the changing seasons. Changing seasons (Winter-Spring) (Summer-Autumn) In the evening when the sun goes down, I have a runny nose and sneezing so bad that I can't sleep.

4. When you suffer from rhinitis, what method do you mainly try to improve?

Usually I take medicine. After taking the medicine, the symptoms improved immediately. However, it felt like the effect was slow compared to the first time because I had developed resistance to the drug. And stomach pills were a necessity. Maybe the medicine was poisonous, I couldn't digest it and my stomach felt bad. These days, I usually only take the medicine for severe cases, and I usually replace it with Corina. I use it morning and evening whenever I have symptoms.

5. Does Corina really work?
In fact, when I first got it as a gift, I was skeptical. I bought it for my son though, so I used it when I had rhinitis symptoms. I started to feel the effect of gradual relief of symptoms right after a week had passed when I started using Korina. So, if your nose is itchy or sneezing is severe, you can use it for 10 minutes.

6. Would you recommend Korhina to other acquaintances?
Yes, I gave my sister-in-law Korhina product as a gift. It is said that the wife-in-law is also effective, so it is often used at home. It's like a rhinitis treatment device that people who suffer from rhinitis like me need. I wish there were more products like 'Korhina' on the market.