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Closeup portrait miserable, sick teen woman with allergy, cold, blowing her nose with paper tissue, isolated white background. Human face expressions, reaction. Flu season, vaccination, prevention.
코라이냥10/8/21 7:41 PM2 min read

About rhinitis prevention and treatment methods

Today's topic is rhinitis treatment and prevention!

Let's check the preventive measures first.

※ Lifestyle rules to prevent rhinitis※

Stay away from cigarettes!
Wear a mask to prevent the ingress of fine dust and pollen
Wash your hands frequently to prevent the entry of allergens into your body
Keep the right temperature!
To prevent the breeding of house dust mites, clean the interior of the house!
Prevent chronic rhinitis by eating foods that are good for strengthening immunity!

Now let's take a look at the treatment for rhinitis, shall we?

Immunotherapy: A method of administering an allergen that causes an allergy. There is a method of administering an allergen into the body by gradually increasing the concentration of the allergen. Among them, oral administration of the allergen is called oral immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a method of increasing resistance to allergens little by little, and it is a method used by many people because of its mid- and long-term effects rather than short-term effects.

Allergens are said to be effective when administered regularly for at least 3 years. It is said that the effect can be seen for a long time if antibodies to resist allergy are developed later.

Medication: Medication is what we commonly know of. Usually, the goal of drug treatment is to relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis through medication. A typical example is taking a drug containing an antihistamine or spraying it into the nose. Medicines sprayed into the nose mainly contain steroids, so it is recommended to check and use them. In the case of drug treatment, the effect is temporary and side effects may occur. As side effects include fatigue, skin troubles, damage to the nasal mucosa, and nasal bleeding, it is recommended to use it with caution.

Herbal treatment: It is said that rhinitis can be controlled with non-western medicine treatment. It is said that it is possible to treat and prevent rhinitis with herbal medicines containing ephedra, omija, and licorice. The ingredients in ephedra reduce allergic reactions, and other herbs are effective in relieving phlegm and stuffy nose. And when you think of oriental medicine, you can think of acupuncture as a representative treatment, and rhinitis can be treated and prevented using acupuncture as well. It relieves the stuffiness by relieving the swelling in the nose with acupuncture.

Currently, various treatments exist to prevent and treat rhinitis. In addition to the above treatments, there are many more treatments, such as laser treatment, and next we will talk about laser treatment.